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Applicant's Story

Regarding your work experience, what's most appealing to you?

'The purpose of my work'

When do you know you've done a good job? 

'The people I work with tell me'

Why are you a caregiver... or want to become one? (What's most important to you about this work?)

'I love taking care of people like i takecare of my kids so i feel everyone needs help so I fell I can be a great caregiver to help out :)'

Tell me the story of a time when you were there for someone who really needed you?

'I always try to be there for everyone who needs me my family my kids and even people who know they can trust mento be there for them'

Think of the person who was most meaningful to you growing up. What makes them special to you?

'I think my mother is the most special person to me she gave me life amd helped me grow and teached me how to be me that why iam the person i am now '

Please share one or two memories that you have with that person.

'Me and my mother are just so close in everthing i have so much many memories with her she is still my person intill this day we are 2 great people'

How can I help create a supportive and positive work experience for you?

'Showing me how to be what i need to.do and teaching me what i need to do '

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