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159 SE Maple St, # 14, Hillsboro, Or, 97123, US

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Applicant's Story

Regarding your work experience, what's most appealing to you?

'The purpose of my work'

When do you know you've done a good job? 

'I feel it'

What's most important to you about working in a home environment?

'I can create a closer relationship'

Share with us a time you created a positive experience for another person.

'I have 6 yeas experience'

What relationship was most important to you growing up? And why?

'In my life my better relation is with my son and my daughter. Because we are support each other.'

Please share one or two memories you have with that most important person from your childhood...

'My friend Ruben tech me to fish, and every Saturday I went with he to fish but my mother did not to be happy, but for my it was incredible.

Another beautiful history for my when I passed time with my five sister, when we went to swim at to the river this time was the best time of my life.'

Other than giving you a job, if I could grant you one wish to help you on your journey... what would it be? And why?

'I am a person who cares about other people.'

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