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6177 SE 52nd Ave, , Hillsboro, OR, 97123, US

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Clinical Lab Specialist

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Biotek Labs, LLC

Applicant's Story

Regarding your work experience, what's most appealing to you?

'The purpose of my work'

When do you know you've done a good job? 

'I feel it'

What's most important to you about working in a home environment?

'Most people are happier in their own homes so being able to help the patient stay in their home where it's familiar and comfortable is huge. A lot of people do better in a familiar environment, they also receive better and more personalized care than in a facility. I've worked in care facilities in my past and also had a family member in one and it's not someplace I would want to go to myself. So to be able to make it so someone can stay in their own home is what I'm after.'

Share with us a time you created a positive experience for another person.

'I had a patient who would avoid office visits due to severe anxiety, even taking medication prior to the appt didn't help her much. At one of her visits, I spent extra time with her and found out that having her blood pressure taken caused her anxiety to increase. I let her know that I would need to measure it but that I would wait until she was ready. During this process I discovered that she had experienced a heart attack at an office visit that was found while taking her blood pressure, and she was terrified that it would happen again. I helped her relax and once she was relaxed her took her BP which was very normal. She was so excited and every visit after that she would ask for me to room her to help her relax.
I also, spent extra time personally assisting several patients making sure that were able to get to their next appts within the medical facility. Going the extra mile for someone can have a lasting and positive impact on their lives.'

What relationship was most important to you growing up? And why?

'My grandma Fullerton was extremely important and special to me. She would share stories of life for her growing up and taught me so many homemaking things. She demonstrated the importance of showing love and compassion for others by dropping in on home bound citizens to offer her help with cleaning, cooking, etc.'

Please share one or two memories you have with that most important person from your childhood...

'I have very vivid memories of standing in my grandma's kitchen helping her can every summer. We developed a bond that I still feel today even though she's been gone since 1992.
Another favorite memory is sitting in church on Sunday mornings next to grandpa Fullerton and smelling Juicy Fruit gum. He always had a pack on him and if you were very good in church then you could have a stick afterwards. Every time I smell Juicy Fruit gum, it sends me back in time.'

Other than giving you a job, if I could grant you one wish to help you on your journey... what would it be? And why?

'I have though a lot about hoping an Adult foster home so that folks don't have to endure care homes'

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