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10/9/2018 5:58 AM

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15424 se stark st., , Portland, OR, 97233, US

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Applicant's Story

Regarding your work experience, what's most appealing to you?

'The changes I can accomplish'

When do you know you've done a good job? 

'The people I work with tell me'

What's most important to you about working in a home environment?

'They can feel safe and comfortable in their own home..'

Share with us a time you created a positive experience for another person.

'Well, I help my grandma a lot when she comes from Mexico.'

What relationship was most important to you growing up? And why?

'My family, cousin..
We where super close and had each others back for everything.. but it's a lil bit different now that we are grown up..'

Please share one or two memories you have with that most important person from your childhood...

'My cousins from Mexico are really important to me I have so many memories with them..'

Other than giving you a job, if I could grant you one wish to help you on your journey... what would it be? And why?

'To teach me how to do my job good!'

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