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1138 W 30TH ST, , Vancouver, WA, 98660, US

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Clinique Consultant

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Ulta beauty

Applicant's Story

Regarding your work experience, what's most appealing to you?

'The changes I can accomplish'

When do you know you've done a good job? 

'I feel it'

What's most important to you about working in a home environment?

'What is most important to me about working in a home environment would foremost be that it is a safe place not only for me but also for the person living there.'

Share with us a time you created a positive experience for another person.

'In my current work field guest have to have to be willing to trust you that you will be able to recommend the right skin care products and cosmetics for their skin type especially for the guest that come in with now idea with what certain products are used for. its very satisfying when I finish doing a guest makeover and they seem really happy with the outcome but its even more rewarding when they come back and let me know that everything that I helped them pick out they loved and everything is still going great for them.'

What relationship was most important to you growing up? And why?

'One of my most important and strongest relationships that I have had growing up would have to been with my mother she was always there for me through the good ad the bad, taught me me everything I know now and was my first best friend, shes the only one I know I can still count on till this day.'

Please share one or two memories you have with that most important person from your childhood...

'One of my favorite memories that i'll always remember is when my mom would take me swimming because I remember I started swimming at a really young age and it scared her the first time I jumped into the pool but I loved swimming, I would beg my mom take me swimming almost every day so she would everyday after my dad would get home from work we would get my floaties ready for precaution and I would just swim for hours until she would drag me out and summer was over. after that that she started to give me the nickname of little fishy.'

Other than giving you a job, if I could grant you one wish to help you on your journey... what would it be? And why?

'If I was to ask for you to grant me one of my wishes it would be to just always be supportive in all my decisions no matter what that might include, if that means wanting to gain more knowledge or stepping up in your company.'

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